OTSO Allotments: Lovely or Depressing

No gender stereotypes were used in the making of this OTSO.

It is a wonderful feeling to grow stuff. It is a wonderful feeling to be outdoors, among nature. But what if, to experience that wonderful you have to buy a tiny patch of land that’s a short (or long..) drive from your home and/or the nearest B&Q?

As always, there are two sides to this.

Lovely No 1: Gardeners make good spouses.

We’re sure many happily married couples think that allotments are truly brilliant, they offer an external space where one can go to entertain themselves for hours, leaving the other to get on with however they like to spend their every (other) Saturday. In that sense, they can be relationship saving. It’s scientifically proven that you’re happier after spending time among good old nature.

A friend of ours has a boyfriend who is obsessed with gardening and growing stuff. He has a garden full of veg and spends every weekend with leaves in his hair and mud under his nails (we’re not jealous). The point is, she says he spends so much time outside nurturing stuff that he is more patient, easy-going and just nice. The colour green is calming (fact) so spending the odd day surrounded by it can only be good right?

Depressing No 1: Not being able to have a garden where you live.

Salary freezes suck. Unless you’re on 60k a year London sucks. So living without a garden, while for many it’ll be no big deal, can leave many people missing a part of their home that would make them a darn sight happier.

Lovely No.2 Community feels

Making friends is hard when you’re an adult. So becoming a part of a community of like-minded veg growers will serve to open your social circle to people with whom you’ll have overlapping interests, but also diverse (interesting) backgrounds. Nature + People = fulfilment.

Depressing No 2: You can’t guard it.

What if you’re growing a prize courgette and someone robs it? Carnage. Gardens and vegetables take time, you can’t replace them like you can a bank card. Also, if you’re growing something intense like [insert needy plant example here], you’re going to have to be attentive, which if you have a full-time job and a partner, could render you somewhat antisocial. “I won’t make it home in time for dinner, my seedlings need me”.

We think that’s enough. What is comes down to is that growing things is really great. If you have a garden, lucky you. Make the best of it. Make it a fruitful sanctuary where you can have your own mini harvest, relax, and host BBQs where you overeat with your nearest and dearest.

Overall, allotments are pretty good. They give us a chance to get outside and grow stuff no matter where we live, that’s good for wallets and wellbeing.

Liv @ OTSO

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