OTSO 6-Word Memoirs

Ernest Hemingway started it. He bet a table full of writers that he could write a story in 6 words. They all put $10 each, to see what he could do. On the back of a napkin he wrote:

For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.


Here’s 10 of ours. They’re not dark.

  1. Start small, you will surprise yourself.
  2. I love parameters; concentrates the mind.
  3. Life is short. Let’s get naked.
  4. Donald Trump: Fake news, didn’t happen.
  5. Trust your gut, usually it’s right.
  6. TakeĀ a bike ride, tone up.
  7. Dad left, makes me feel weird.
  8. Life on Mars. Hot and sticky.
  9. You are what you eat, ____ !
  10. Work for a startup, wear hoodies.

Liv @ OTSO

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